MacMurray College provides all of its faculty, staff, and students with email addresses. These email addresses are important as they are one of the first lines of communication for the campus community. Failure to maintain your MacMurray email address can lead to missed communications which can have a negative impact on your College experience.

  1. Email services must be used only for purposes consistent with this policy. Fraudulent, harassing, obscene messages and/or materials, and chain letters must not be sent, forwarded, or stored. Users whose email addresses have been proven to be sending such content, willingly or unwillingly, are subject to deactivation.
  2. MacMurray College email distribution lists are to be used for official College business only. Messages to disseminate personal information, solicitations for other organizations, or non-College promotional announcements are inappropriate uses of College resources and are strongly discouraged.
  3. The College will not disclose internal or constituent email addresses (individual or distribution lists) to alumni, students, or business associates or other persons or organizations. MacMurray College alumni or staff who wish to contact alumni individually or as a group for College-related business (i.e., class business, alumni gatherings, surveys, etc.) may be provided lists or labels. Requests for information will be subject to approval on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Users are responsible for all content sent from their email address.
  5. Email addresses that have been compromised in any way are subject to deactivation.
  6. Students may keep their MacMurray email accounts as long as they are currently registered for courses at MacMurray College. Students not registered for classes at the time 10th day enrollment is posted for fall and spring semesters will have their accounts deactivated. Students who graduate, withdraw, or transfer will have access to their MacMurray email account until approximately 12 months after the end of the academic year during which they left the College. Faculty and staff may keep their MacMurray email accounts as long as they are employed at MacMurray College.
  7. MacMurray email accounts on Office 365 are allotted 50GB of storage. The size limit for attachments in Office 365 is 25MB. For recipients outside of MacMurray College, whether or not your attachment will send is dependent on the receiving provider's limits.
  8. Users are urged not to rely on email inboxes as file storage and should back up all important files sent to them via email.
  9. Official MacMurray College campus communications will be sent to MacMurray-issued email addresses only. Members of the campus community are expected to check their MacMurray email regularly.
  10. All email communications at MacMurray College must accurately identify the sender.

This policy is subject to change at any time. Any changes to this policy will be posted to this page.

This policy was last modified on May 4, 2018.