Passwords are an important aspect of computer security, being the front line of protection for user accounts. A poorly-chosen password may result in the compromise of MacMurray's entire campus network. As such, all members of the campus community and outside users (e.g., contractors and vendors) with access to MacMurray College systems are responsible for taking the appropriate steps, as outlined below, to select and secure their passwords.

  1. Users are responsible for any use made of their accounts or of material stored in their accounts. To avoid misuse, do not share your account information with anyone. Office of Information Technology staff will never ask for your password, via email or otherwise.
  2. If working with a member of the Office of Information Technology via phone or email regarding password resets, change your password immediately afterwards.
  3. Passwords should never be written down without encryption or security.
  4. Users should refrain from using the same password for different accounts.
  5. Users are encouraged to use strong passwords, i.e., passwords that
    • contain both upper and lower case characters;
    • contain numerals and special characters;
    • are at least fifteen characters long;
    • are not a word in any language, slang, dialect, jargon, etc.;
    • are not based on personal information.
  6. Passwords should be changed often, regardless of when/if they expire.
  7. Users who suspect a password has been compromised should contact the Office of Information Technology.
  8. Trying, by any means, to learn the username and/or password of another user, to access another's account, or trying to gain unauthorized privileges is a violation of this policy.

This policy is subject to change at any time. Any changes to this policy will be posted to this page.

This policy was last modified on August 17, 2016.